mercredi 3 juillet 2013

Second life - Exporting my shape as a .obj

Download and install this version of Phonix

Then follow this tuto  :

If you’re working in a 3D Programme such as Maya or Blender it can be very useful to have an avatar model inside of your scene to sculpt or build around.
There’s a number of viewers that allow you this option, but as a Phoenix and Maya user I’m going to outline the steps to export your own shape from Second Life and import it into Maya to work around.
  • Make sure you can see the “Advanced" menu at the top of your screen.

  • Select “Character" and then “Meshes and Morphs…"
  • Under the "Meshes and Morphs…" menu select "lowerBodyMesh".
  • Then select “lowerBodyMesh" again and then “Current Mesh".

  • Select “Save OBJ".
  • Repeat this process for your upperBodyMesh and your headMesh.
In Maya:
  • Open a new scene
  • Import each of the three OBJ files (Upper, Lower and Head) into the scene, one by one.
  • Maya will automatically line them up, you can then select them all and rotate them and move them as needs be.
This tuto comes from here : 

Bones and skeleton : 
Download standard secondlife avatars and use the bones : 

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