Terms and conditions for 

SEMI-EXCLUSIVE copyright licence

  • Items cannot under any condition be sold for resale (FULL PERM) in Second Life or on Marketplace.
  • You shall not under any condition share, sell or give UV maps, shadow maps, sculpt maps, textures or any other material that helps fashion designers and builders to create their products using these items.
  • One item can be licensed to only one avatar. You are allowed to transfer to your partners or alts under the condition that they do not sell or give away that item under any conditions.
  • Mesh agency reserve the right to refuse to sell license for my products to individuals when/if necessary.
  • None of the items can be given as freebie under any condition.
  • Mesh Agency can use this item to : 
    - Sell on the marketplace Copy Modify no transfer
    - Sell the item full perm to to a limited and predetermined number of other clients.
    Add to his / her portfolio
    - To expose in the inworld agency

  • Pricing :
  • - Single Product ONE Color - Not below 99 L$ (only HUDS for add-ons like sole color change or medals allowed)
    - Single Product 12 colors - Not below 250 L$ ( Suggested HUDS with MAXIMUM 12 Colors of your product. )
    - Fatpack - Not below 400 L$ ( HUDS with many colors on a single pair are like fatpacks so suggested HUDS with up to 40 colors to be placed as Fatpack)
  • Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.

Can I sell these items in Second Life without modifications ?

- Yes you can sell the item as it is Copy Modify No Transfert
- Items can not be sold as fashion kit, builders kit
- Items can not be sold with the textures provided

Can I sell your items as full perm?

No if you wish to sell full perm you must buy the full EXCLUSIVE copyright licence.

If I buy your source files can I upload them to other grids and use or sell them there?
Yes you can. Please note than my terms and conditions for Second Life are valid for other grids too.

For anything else that is not clear please comment here.

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