Terms and conditions FULL PERM copyright licence

  1. Modifications are obligatory if you sell as standalone item (you can NOT sell my items as stand alone item with original textures you received)
  2. Modifications are optional if you include in an outfit or pack but still advised
  3. You can not sell full perm Copy/Mod/Trans or Copy/Trans in Second Life or on Marketplace.
  4. One item can be licensed to only one avatar (no transferring it to your alt avatars or colleagues)
  5. You will not give away, sell or share any textures provided
  6. You are not authorized to use Mesh Agency Visuals to sell your items.
  7. You may use my original item textures as part of your visual display but not alone. It must be accompanied by your personal textures and items.


Items can NOT be given for FREE or gift unless specified as "Goodie"

Pocket price shoes (499L$ or less)
- One base texture       : 99L$ (hud authorised for metal + laces ect..)
- Multiple textures pack : 125L$

Full price & semi models (1000 or more)
- One base texture       : 145L$
- Multiple textures pack : 195L$

- Maxi 2 week at a time / per item
- Maxi 4 weeks in the year / per item
- Pocket price :  Minimum Price 50L$
- Full Price & Semi  :  Minimum Price 99l$

Gacha Machines
- 75l$ Gacha can have 1 version of 1 shoe inside among other items.
- 99l$ Gacha can be all only shoes with 1 base texture per shoe.
- Gacha for 50l$ or less are forbidden

- You are not authorized to remake an identical gacha from the full perm gachas i create.
- You are authorised to use some of these items to add to your own items in gacha.

Other Mesh Items :
- 1l$ Freebies can be sold at any rate you like (this dose not apply to group gifts)
- All other mesh items can me sold minimum 50% of inital purshae price. If the item was on sale please refer to full sale price.
- Items bought in gacha can not be sold for less then the full purshase price

Goodies :
- If an item is specified as a "GOODIE" = No price restriction
- Use as gifts and for hunts
- Goodies are only different in resale price all other tearms of TOS still apply
    * No refunds can be offered on any full perm items
    * Mesh agency reserve the right to refuse to sell products to individuals when/if necessary.
    * Please note that these terms and conditions are subject to change without any prior notice.

    Can I sell these items in Second Life without modifications ?

    - Modifications are obligatory if you sell as standalone item
    - We do strongly advise modify of all item before resale
    - Modifications are optional if you include in an outfit but still advised
    - Items can not be sold as fashion kit, builders kit
    - Items can not be sold with the textures provided
    - Items can not be sold with a price any less than the price agreed on purchase

    Can i use your items in a gacha?

    Ok i have been asked this a gazillion times, so i have decided that you can :
    - In a 50l$ gacha the item must be rare.
    - In a 99l$ gacha it can be all shoes if you like as this price respects the TOS.
    - Gacha less then 50l$ are forbidden
    - You are not authorized

    I bought your item at a discount price, can i sell it for less ?

    No the default selling price is still 99l$.

    Can I sell your items as full perm?
    No if you wish to sell full perm you must buy the FULL EXCLUSIVE copyright licence.

    If I buy your source files can I upload them to other grids and use or sell them there?
    Yes you can. Please note than my terms and conditions for Second Life are valid for other grids too.
    This is only true for semi-exclusive sales where the .dae files are provided.

    Can I transfer your item which I purchased to my alt avatar or partner to work on with my alt avatar.
    No, it is not allowed, you must purchase it with your alt avatar separately to obtain a legal copy.

    For anything else that is not clear please comment here.

    3 commentaires:

    1. Hello, I am having problems finding where to download the PSD file for UVA and Shadow Mapping. Please help.
      Thank you

    2. Your product is not modifiable. What a joke. never buying your product again!

    3. Your product is not modifiable. What a joke. never buying your product again!