lundi 16 janvier 2017

::MA:: BENTO WHITE Female Fallen Angel Wings

::MA:: BENTO WHITE Female Fallen Angel Wings
This mesh Agency innovation is a new generation bento wings. Dynamic
and interactive in a way that is nothing like what exists in second life
to this day. The wings flex and animate not just as chosen poses but
really bend and move.
The wings will work seamlessly on top of your own AO.

The Pack includes :
- Your Fallen Angel Wings (Female White Version)
- Color hud with tintable tips and glow / shine options
- Animation Hud with 5 animation :
- Prey
- Bow
- Hover
- Ground Sit
- Wings Up

Things you need to know BEFORE you purchase this item :
- You must be using a Bento enabled viewer to see animations.
- People (yourself or others) that do not have a bento enable viewer will see your buddy sitting on the ground in front of you.
- This is height and gender sensitive. It will work better with human
female avatars. Male, children or animals will have unexpected results
in the placement of the wings.
- The animations will work seamlessly with your regular AO, they
simply implement themselves on top. Players with strong AOs set to
priority 3-4 such as furrys or animals may experience issues playing
some animations.

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